Fighters For The Kingdom

The leading play-wın online GAME.


Lengendary Solmanians

It is an Aİ designed unique collectible NFT developed by our artists. Each NFT opens its holders the rich opportunities after its release. For Solana Blockchain total supply of Solmanians is 2,222 unique digital art pieces. For Ethereum Blockchain total supply of Solmanians is 666 unique digital art pieces.



There is a boatload of content, interesting maps, epic battles PvE and PvP, NFT, and exciting rewards all in one place. Fight multiplayer and build your legacy. Let’s equip and conquer the world!

Battle enemies and monsters simultaneously

New skills and upgrades

Jaw-Dropping PvE experience

Play-to-earn based model

Epic multiplayer PvP

Build a Clan

Team Death Match

NFT Characters

NFT Tokens

High-Quality Graphics

New skills and upgrades

Exclusive Rewards

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Solmanians love its community members. We run a community where everywhere is a winner.

  • We are giving away daily NFT and collab giveaways which include free NFTs, ETH, and $$$.
  • Our devs love to answer and talk with members. We are always open for AMA.
  • Join us to get informed about our project developments.

Each time a digital asset is purchased or sold, Sequoir donates a percentage .


PvE Game Release ✅


PvP Game Release ✅


Collab with other NFT communities ✅


Develop P2E game integrating other collaborative projects ✅


Other collaborative projects are integrated into our P2E game ✅


P2E Game Release ✅


LListing on MagicEden, Solanart, Digital eyes, and solsea


launchpad for Solana Blockchain to 2222 SolManians NFT's


Listing on Opensea at the same time as launchpad for 666 LegendaryManians NFT's


Listing on OpenSea


Start weekly competition winner announcements in the game


Creating our own secure and verified Solmanian Token i.e. $SOLM


Airdrop for Solmanians Holder


Listing our token on DEX exchanges


New collaborative projects are integrated into our P2E game


Release Solmanians merchandise online shop


Start different P2E game development on a different map

The 3D unique high quality AI designed 2222 Solmanians are on the way to rock the ETH network. The game is based on P2E, Solmanians are giving away amazing opportunity to earn while playing the game.

Developed on the Unity, our game is online which is free sign up for all. Game include other NFT characters and include different weapons and tactics.

Join us on discord, Twitter and Instagram.

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Solmanians Team

Game Developer

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Solmanians Team

Admin of Moderator

Menager of Twitter and Instagram

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Solmanians Team

Manager of Youtube


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Solmanians Team


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Solmanians Team


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Leader of Digital Artist

On The Project

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Game Developer

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Game Developer

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Game Developer

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Digital Artist

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Digital Artist

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For Solana Blockchain total supply of Solmanians is 2,222 unique digital art pieces. For Ethereum Blockchain total supply of Solmanians is 666 unique digital art pieces.
For Solana Blockchain OG: Mint price is 0.70 Sol - Date / TBA Public Mint price is 0.80 Sol – Date / TBA

For Ethereum Blockchain OG: Mint price is 0.035 ETH - Date / TBA Public Mint price is 0.045 ETH – Date / TBA
Yes, will be a secondary market. We are submitting applications for Magic Eden, Solanart, Digital Eyes, and solsea marketplaces for our collections in the Solana network For Ethereum blockchain Opensea will be listed one day after our Launchpad date.
Solmanians gaming and collectible NFTs will be on both the Solana blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain
For the best chance to secure one of the 2,222 and 666 unique digital art pieces... … Carefully read everything in the 🤖|og-requirements and 📢|announcements channel.
We strive to keep the community living up to the project’s high standards. Therefore, we’d love to encourage quality conversations over quantity. That’s why we don’t want people to spam messages. Now we’ve even removed the level requirements from getting a spot on the whitelist. Instead, we’ll only be giving ‘’OG role’’ to people who are engaging with the community, sparking great conversations and helping newcomers fit in.
Be sure, Solmanians NFTs will be fully integrated into our game created by a group of world-class game developers. You will earn income while playing the game, but you must have at least 1 Solmanians NFT in your wallet in order to play the game. As an early supporter, you'll benefit not only from owning a digital artwork that meets blockbuster standards, but also services that no other NFT offers.
Our game is a play-to-earn game; it is a real-time game where you can win various prizes by winning the battles with other players and doing the tasks given in the games.
NO. Solmanians admins, moderators, artists, team members, etc NEVER send anyone DMs on Discord. If you get a DM that looks like it’s from us, it’s always from a scammer. To be safe, please turn off your DMs from server members entirely. You won’t miss out on anything. We’ll tag everyone in every official announcement.
The Solana blockchain launchpad link will be announced on our discord. for Ethereum blochchain launchpad will be built in opensea.